Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Catalogue killing time again

It's nearly time for Catalogue Kiling with Maggie so I though I'd show some of the ink experiments I did a while ago - all sprayed on gesso with salt added and all exciting - colours would probably have looked better in photos rather than scanned but still reasonable I think.
Inks go left to right: Quink Royal Blue Washable, Quink Blue/Black, Quink Black, Quink Red, WH Smith Brown, WHSmith Black (probably neither still available) and Caran d'Ache Amazon - the star of the show!
Back to the Daffodils for a bit now I think...

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Next thing is to do some sewing, fix it all together and do some more sewing!

Snow - Tex

I piled Snow - Tex onto an art canvas board and sprayed it - looks like a piece of stone!

Daffodil foreground

Played around with different colours of sprays and did more attacking with the soldering iron!

Daffodil background

I wet the bonded serviette then rubbed areas away, sprayed it with Color Wash and Creative Colour Sprays then attacked the edges with th soldering iron. I sprayed it again to cover up the white bits.

Playing with Daffodils

I've been playing around with my favourite flowers - Daffodils.
These are a paper serviette bondawebbed onto white felt.