Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TAST 2012 Week 1–Fly Stitch

This is the first challenge for Take a Stitch Tuesday on Sharon Boggon’s Pintangle blog at http://www.pintangle.com

I worked the stitches on space dyed cotton towelling with lots of different threads and used beads in some of the samples.

Fly stitch is an open detached chain stitch with lots of possible variations and can be like a “V” or a “Y” depending on the length of the anchoring stitch…

1.Week 1 - Fly Stitch


  1. Good examples of fly stitch Viv, it is such a versatile stitch.

  2. I love the effect the fly stitch makes with whatever thread/yarn you used at the bottom and at the left side! Thank you for sharing!